Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Popular snacks in Taiwan

Feeling like writing something and i just thought of some candy gift box to take home.I would say their is more than just this two pictures i be sharing .However today I just have this so let me say something short.If it happens to be you around Taiwan and don't know what snack or sweet might not be found in your country then here i show you two of them.One of them is the pineapple cake .It is quiet popular within this country in Asia so i believe it would be nice or good to share with your friends back home.Basically is just a cookie or Biscuit with pineapple flavor.The other one is a hard candy which has peanuts .To be honest i cant recall seeing this in my country or in Guatemala.How i would describe this candy is hard and just let it slowly melt in your mouth as if chewing not the smart way.It will stick on your teeth and you would have to brush up. Anyways the box has quiet a lot so you can share among friends .That way they will know and try something different that a snickers bar.

Taiwan pineapple cake

Taiwan hard candy

Sunday, 29 September 2013

lovers of indian food

It has been awhile and their has not been anything new .to be honest it has not been my first time to stop buy an Indian restaurant round my place.Now has been the third time since, i am student and not always carrying that much money hhhaa. Based on my observation this restaurants have about the same things on menu.So what might be a little change could be some of them have a more comfortable seats or others more decorations.My first time i tried was not all so good but the third time my favorite dish has become the rice ,which I'll show u below.The curry is okay but what i didn't like that is the same meat with the rice .Then seems it was a busy hour and the waitress could.t explain on how to basically eat their curry and the onions which left me perplexed . We also selected their snack and their famous tea. The snack is called Roti but is flour tortilla with melted butter at the top .That was not so special to me .

Indian rice

curry meal.

this is the Bbq 
Indian roti with butter 

Friday, 13 September 2013

next stop of finding out


Today I finally found the sample of Thai food menu.Not sure if you guys are familiar with food from that country.I used to have this thinking that it was not good and was afraid to taste. I would say its quiet familiar to Belize food or to spicy food from Latin America.Anyways I was able to snap some photos and there you can see.The only weird thing I dislike that they put Tofu on the side.Apart from that they also put cooked cabbage which has the taste from the common Taiwan buffet.
mostly chicken 

price is not that expensive 

the bottom pictures illustrates some of the soups 

snacks such as egg and some pancake or pie 

top 3 drinks that can be ordered 

Perhaps after seeing this photos and you end up in china and not sure what to eat remember Thai food is great based on my opinion .I don't really like much of its drinks since they are super sweet and if you have any problems with your glucose then i would not recommend .However they are okay if no health issues. 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

lets find out

It has been a while that I started taking some online courses and took two classes about some basic Mandarin and got a review of some things about luck and bad luck. Before from past classmates of Taiwan i was told of this sort of stuff. So it happens now that I also found it on this basic class of mandarin and took some photos for you to see. It is quiet interesting to know that certain numbers are considered of great luck in Chinese culture. Also I once was looking for an apartment to rent and was told by another foreign friend that Chinese people avoid living on 4th floors .Take a look at the photos that I caught from my class and you will see that it is because there is a word in Chinese that means death. Hope this can help you as a tip.

This i thought might be good to share since Chinese people have this words and can be interpreted in the funny silly way.

Monday, 9 September 2013

A shift

    Its been a while i have been curious on exactly why so many Chinese people drink more soy milk and less cow milk.Next point is that i never had this on my table so not really brave to drink it. All my life i had 100% milk and dairy products.So it has come to mind that i really needed to read enough to be convinced for a slight shift to soymilk.OH wonder if this will really work while in Asia.Well made the first attempt yesterday and actually is a little difficult for the shift ,after i finished drinking it i felt i wanted pure milk .Therefore some good things i found will using the google search are as follows .Seems that for certain things soy milk is better than cow milk.the last consideration is we should not abuse of it and it be ok to drink.Then another huge problem would be allergy to soy ,so other than that lets see.






Wednesday, 4 September 2013

try out

    Today i thought of sharing some new drink i found out in the store and some biscuit or looks like a small bread.Was out shopping for some Indonesian noodle as you can see in the picture and then came across the can of juice.Nothing strange of this and actually thought was good to share since i don't find this kind of stuff in the shelves of my country's supermarket.
 Perhaps if you are out in Asia you might want to try and my recommendation is that it is good and i did like both the small cake .

Monday, 2 September 2013

summer south korea

Summer and students are out for some getaway from books and all the stress all semester long.Then where to head home or just try to explore a new place ,well before summer ends and i head back to college i wanted to see what South Korea is like.So i made a few days out in the capital city and see what it is like the food and people and places. Food is quiet good i enjoyed it except one dish that had raw egg. I am not a person that would expect a raw chicken egg on top of my rice. haha you could imagine my face.Other than that food is good = spicy and dont forget to have witth your BBQ some sochu hhhaha seems koreans like to drink alot that you can see it on their face .Usually red haha and they look sleepy while taking the subway.Then if you are to go some place i would say is quiet convenient just take what you feel comfortable or take bus if you are in some kind of budget or you want to travel like locals.Taxi service is great just needs money and they stop for you ,saw 3 types of taxi the most expensive with black mirrors , clear one mostly grey color seems to be the 2nd expensive then they have like orange color not bad either.some good places to head on are like royal tombs , the five palaces, N tower of seoul, Gagnam is good for dinning and shopping, Myeondong and if you are looking for some thrill rides head on to Lotte world.
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around the palace 
some japanese dish 

some cabbage with meat and spicy

spicy rice
spicy rice

breakfast looks like this